How to Achieve Success in the Vending Machine Business

How to Achieve Success in the Vending Machine Business

A lot of entrepreneurs have already discovered the huge profit that coin-operated vending machines make. But with competition popping in every establishment, a smart move would be to veer from the usual snack dispensing machines to the more interactive ones, such as coin-operated claw cranes!

The initial investment may seem like a hefty price to pay , yet you will be surprised to see how your revenue can multiply in a matter of weeks starting with just a single machine from a trusted vending machine supplier.

To ensure that you get the most success off your crane machine business, there are three important things to keep in mind:

  1. Regular servicing

People venture into the vending machine business thinking that it is a completely passive way to generate income, thinking they don’t have to regularly visit their machines. The truth is that regularly servicing your machines is imperative to achieve success, especially when you are operating interactive ones. Crane machines have many moving parts and regular servicing and maintenance is an important aspect of operating a successful Crane Machine Business. People are not guaranteed to win a prize with every play, it is therefore highly important to make your claw machines attractive to capture their attention. By regularly servicing your machines, you have the chance to continually fill them with new and exciting prizes. Caring for your machine at least once a week, and maybe even asking for the assistance of your vending machine supplier, will do heaps for your business.

2. Finding the right location

Picking the perfect spot for your crane machine is crucial in ensuring the success of your vending machine business. You can start by examining your business thoroughly, scouring every possible location where your claw machines may become a hit. Think about where the foot traffic is. The busier the establishment, the more sales your claw cranes will get.

When picking a spot for your cranes, also make sure to choose one depending on the prizes for grabs. Plush toys generally attract kids while gadgets and jewellery entice teens or grown-ups, so it is best to know where your target audience is.

3. Picking your prizes

What attracts players are the prizes in store for them. Always remember that when it comes to purchasing prizes for your claw machines, eye appeal is key to drawing someone in. If you are going for plush toys, you can choose between licensed or generic ones. Licensed toys may be more sellable, yet generic ones can also be effective when they are brightly coloured and eye-catching. While you’re at it, experiment on placing both generic and licensed plush in your machine and find out what works best.

Although the claw crane business is definitely a low maintenance one, a little of your time and a whole lot of your dedication can go a long way to sustaining and growing your business.

On Starting a Crane Vending Machine Business

On Starting a Crane Vending Machine Business

Still having second thoughts in starting up a crane vending machine business? Here is a little background and a few ideas to get you started:

Crane machines are a type of arcade game known as a merchandiser, commonly found in video arcades, supermarkets, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, and bowling alleys.

Basically, crane vending machines generate a steady stream of cash flows for a business with limited capital. Since they are usually placed in strategic and high traffic areas, these machines are able to gather more profit. The more people in the area, the more prospect players for claw crane machines.

Claw crane businesses offer a profit-generating entrepreneurial opportunity to operators who are willing to put their time and effort to reap rewards.

Getting a perfect place or establishment to put up the machine

The location of your machines is the most important factor in the business. Usually before operating a business, business owners scout a probable location and study the foot traffic on the peak and non-peak hours of the establishment. Aswell of the demographic makeup of the location.

In doing this you can ensure the prizes in the machines match the demographic of the location. Plush toys generally attract kids while gadgets and jewellery entice teens or grown-ups, so it is best to know who your target audience is.

What to expect in a coin-operated machine business

Prizes of the machine are usually provided by the machine supplier. Machine owners or suppliers will own specialized keys with access to the machines so they can load up on their stock anytime. To attract more players for your claw machines, regularly fill each one with plush toys or balls to match your theme poster. Make sure your stock looks appealing and organized inside the machine. Ensure that your machines are functioning properly through weekly checks and testing.

Attracting players and keeping repeat gamers

Attracting players may be easy, but turning them into repeat gamers is the hard part. Remember that most of your customers will be adults with kids, so it is important that your claw crane prizes are attractive to both of them. Think of a wide range of cute plush toys that are uniquely designed yet extremely popular. To give you an idea on theming your prizes, make sure to be updated on current events and the latest movies to capture the attention of potential players!

Last but not the least, the best thing that any claw crane machine business operator can put to heart is this saying: “Winners make players, as the best advertisement for any claw machine is seeing people win”.

The Advantages of Joining the Coin-Operated
Machine Business Trend

The Advantages of Joining the Coin-Operated Machine Business Trend

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Coin-operated businesses
Amusement claw crane machines have been around for nearly 100 years — and they have evolved through the years. There is one thing that has not changed, though: People have always loved to win a prize, and they always will. It’s not an experience that can be replicated at home. With this, claw crane machines continue to grow more and more popular, becoming a business opportunity with great potential for many entrepreneurs. Because such amusement machines are like small shop windows, they are product-driven — with zero chances of becoming obsolete amidst the booming technology or advancements on the web.

Find out why the coin-operated business makes a great idea:

  1. It’s a semi-passive business, which means that the time spent looking after coin-operated amusement machines is minimal. Each machine only needs a brief visit once a week, so consider it a part-time business with very flexible hours.
  2. You can attract players through the prizes in your machines. Many people love winning quality prizes, either licensed by popular animated movie companies or current sporting events. Imagine all the players who would like to win plush toys based on Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon movies and balls licensed by the AFL and NRL! Claw crane machines can leverage off these brands’ massive advertising without having to contribute a cent.
  3. It’s a simple business that basically involves checking, cleaning, restocking, and merchandising the machines. Even your kids can be of assistance when doing maintenance checks!
  4. You can manage your machines efficiently through a smartphone app. Get access to great reports and fully understand the financial results. Find out how you will be making money from day one with a single click of your mobile phone.
  5. You will be spreading fun and entertainment to young and old alike. There’s just a different kind of satisfaction knowing how your machines connect to people — especially seeing determined faces turn to happy ones the moment they catch a prize.

    Anyone can be a part of this coin-operated business opportunity here at Coinopsolutions. A pro-tip for a crane operator is to always be on a lookout for potential locations in your territory, such as IGAs, laundromats, shopping centres, takeaways, and entertainment venues. You will be surprised at how many different profitable locations there are for coin-operated machines in your area.