Types of Coin-Operated Machines

Types of Coin-Operated Machines

Coin-operated machines are truly a great boredom buster. Since many busy public establishments have an arcade machine in the corner, you can easily spot an interesting game that you can kill time with.

There are a whole bunch of coin-operated machines that you can try. Here are the most interesting ones that you can find:

Claw machines

Claw machines started from being candy diggers in the ‘80s into being the prize skill tester machines they are today. Popular in pizza places, malls, and family restaurants, claw cranes are instant eye-catchers to young and old alike. All you need to do is to insert a coin and start controlling the claw using the joystick. The thrill of just trying to grab a prize is already entertaining on its own!



Invented way back in 1931, the coin-operated pinball machine is a classic favourite that always keeps everyone excited. By hitting on a ball to get it to bounce off an item, you get points that will win you prizes!

Slot machines

A popular amusement game today, slot machines go way back in the late 1880s featuring card designs. Over time, these coin-operated machines have been constantly improved and upgraded to be the virtual slot machines that we find in casinos today.

Video games

Coin-operated video games have been a huge hit to children and adults throughout the decades, and they still are now. What made them more fun and entertaining is that separate machines can be played by multiple players at the same time, allowing a more interactive experience.

Whether you are trying to win a prize from claw machines or just simply killing time with video games, coin-operated machines never fail to bring fun and excitement for the entire family.

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