How to Achieve Success in the Vending Machine Business

How to Achieve Success in the Vending Machine Business

A lot of entrepreneurs have already discovered the huge profit that coin-operated vending machines make. But with competition popping in every establishment, a smart move would be to veer from the usual snack dispensing machines to the more interactive ones, such as coin-operated claw cranes!

The initial investment may seem like a hefty price to pay , yet you will be surprised to see how your revenue can multiply in a matter of weeks starting with just a single machine from a trusted vending machine supplier.

To ensure that you get the most success off your crane machine business, there are three important things to keep in mind:

  1. Regular servicing

People venture into the vending machine business thinking that it is a completely passive way to generate income, thinking they don’t have to regularly visit their machines. The truth is that regularly servicing your machines is imperative to achieve success, especially when you are operating interactive ones. Crane machines have many moving parts and regular servicing and maintenance is an important aspect of operating a successful Crane Machine Business. People are not guaranteed to win a prize with every play, it is therefore highly important to make your claw machines attractive to capture their attention. By regularly servicing your machines, you have the chance to continually fill them with new and exciting prizes. Caring for your machine at least once a week, and maybe even asking for the assistance of your vending machine supplier, will do heaps for your business.

2. Finding the right location

Picking the perfect spot for your crane machine is crucial in ensuring the success of your vending machine business. You can start by examining your business thoroughly, scouring every possible location where your claw machines may become a hit. Think about where the foot traffic is. The busier the establishment, the more sales your claw cranes will get.

When picking a spot for your cranes, also make sure to choose one depending on the prizes for grabs. Plush toys generally attract kids while gadgets and jewellery entice teens or grown-ups, so it is best to know where your target audience is.

3. Picking your prizes

What attracts players are the prizes in store for them. Always remember that when it comes to purchasing prizes for your claw machines, eye appeal is key to drawing someone in. If you are going for plush toys, you can choose between licensed or generic ones. Licensed toys may be more sellable, yet generic ones can also be effective when they are brightly coloured and eye-catching. While you’re at it, experiment on placing both generic and licensed plush in your machine and find out what works best.

Although the claw crane business is definitely a low maintenance one, a little of your time and a whole lot of your dedication can go a long way to sustaining and growing your business.

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