3 Tips About Starting a Small Business You Can’t Miss

3 Tips About Starting a Small Business You Can’t Miss

If you are just about to start your very own small business, the first thing you have to focus on is building a strong brand, which is the sum total of how your customers—and potential customers—perceive your company.

How exactly can you create a reputable brand for your small business? Learn a thing or two from the following tips:

1. Be easily recognisable.

Have a name and logo that your consumers can easily point out. Remember, your name and logo will appear on print and online pretty much everywhere, so it’s best to think of ones that truly represent and reflect your company—basically something that will pull your brand together. 

 2. Look for great products and services.

If you want to make an impression and build trust among consumers, offer quality products and services that many will benefit from. And when you get to earn that good reputation, don’t stop looking for ways to improve your offerings. Even a strong brand can suffer if it refuses to seek change.

3. Deliver value.

There are a lot of factors in your small business that you can focus on to deliver value to your consumers. This does not mean always having the lowest price in the market. You can focus on product leadership, operational excellence, or great customer service. If you can deliver all three, then that’s even greater!

There’s no easy way in the world of entrepreneurship, especially when you are just starting to carve your own name in it—and that’s OK. There’s always room to learn, improve, and keep learning!

Here’s Why ‘Coco’ is Proving Its Critics Wrong

Here’s Why ‘Coco’ is Proving Its Critics Wrong


Ever since its release last October, “Coco” has smashed box office records, proving to be one of Pixar’s most prized works of all time! And there seems to be a reason for that.

Set in the colourful country of Mexico, “Coco” revolves around the interesting tale of a 12-year-old boy, Miguel. Despite his family’s generations-old disapproval of music, Miguel strives to cultivate his passion for playing the guitar. In an unusual chain of events, he gets tangled up in the Land of the Dead. There, he uncovers mysteries of his past as he struggles to prove his love of music.

If that plot doesn’t capture your fancies enough, we don’t know what will! Aside from its homage to Mexico’s bustling culture that proves to be a rich cinematic experience, Coco is a moving story about family and passion.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, head on to your nearest cinema with your kids and some snuggly Coco plush toys in tow! For sure, you’ll need a comfortable Coco stuffed toy to hug at the end of the movie.

Look for ‘Ferdinand’ and ‘My Little Pony’ in CoinOpSolutions Machines!

Look for ‘Ferdinand’ and ‘My Little Pony’ in CoinOpSolutions Machines!


December is going to be an exciting month for skill tester players! That’s right—that’s because new collections of toy prizes are coming your way!

Blue Sky Studios’ upcoming animated film, “Ferdinand,” has already captured the hearts of many with just its trailer. Because of its heartwarming yet adventure-filled nature, this one-of-a-kind film is sure to be an instant crowd-favourite when it hits theatres this December!


Meanwhile, “My Little Pony” has always been popular among little kids! With colourful characters each depicting a different personality, My Little Pony instantly became a hit! Who could ever resist the cuteness of ponies in the first place?

This December, CoinOpSolutions brings Ferdinand plush toys and My Little Pony soft toys to your nearest claw machines!

Catch Ferdinand, Baby Ferdinand, and his cohort of hilarious animal friends, Lupe, Una, Dos, and Cuatro! If you want to experience an exciting adventure with magical ponies, make sure to grab Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Princess Twilight, and Spike when you play to win any of our CoinOpSolutions claw machines!

These excellent quality plush toys are elegantly designed and made only with premium plush fabric and soft stuffing—making every game a worthwhile experience for the entire family.

Win all cute and cuddly Ferdinand stuffed toy and My Little Pony plush toy characters this December!