Types of Coin-Operated Machines

Posted on November 13, 2017
Types of Coin-Operated Machines Coin-operated machines are truly a great boredom buster. Since many busy public establishments have an arcade machine in the corner, you can easily spot an interesting game that you can kill time with. There are a whole bunch of coin-operated machines that you can try. Here areRead More
Why Claw Machines & Hospitality Businesses are the Perfect Combo Coin-operated machines are a huge hit in any hospitality business. Just visit any local hotels and restaurants and you’re sure to find one or two lying around. We are not talking about gambling devices but arcade machines such as skillRead More
Catch These Captain Underpants Plushies at CoinOpSolutions Machines! “Here we go again!” Captain Underpants is ready to bring fun and excitement in every game of our arcade claw machines! From being a kids’ favourite comic book to a well-received animated film today, Captain Underpants sure made an endearing impression amongRead More
How to Achieve Success in the Vending Machine Business A lot of entrepreneurs have already discovered the huge profit that coin-operated vending machines make. But with competition popping in every establishment, a smart move would be to veer from the usual snack dispensing machines to the more interactive ones, suchRead More
On Starting a Crane Vending Machine Business Still having second thoughts in starting up a crane vending machine business? Here is a little background and a few ideas to get you started: Crane machines are a type of arcade game known as a merchandiser, commonly found in video arcades, supermarkets,Read More