The Advantages of Joining the Coin-Operated
Machine Business Trend

The Advantages of Joining the Coin-Operated Machine Business Trend

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Amusement claw crane machines have been around for nearly 100 years — and they have evolved through the years. There is one thing that has not changed, though: People have always loved to win a prize, and they always will. It’s not an experience that can be replicated at home. With this, claw crane machines continue to grow more and more popular, becoming a business opportunity with great potential for many entrepreneurs. Because such amusement machines are like small shop windows, they are product-driven — with zero chances of becoming obsolete amidst the booming technology or advancements on the web.

Find out why the coin-operated business makes a great idea:

  1. It’s a semi-passive business, which means that the time spent looking after coin-operated amusement machines is minimal. Each machine only needs a brief visit once a week, so consider it a part-time business with very flexible hours.
  2. You can attract players through the prizes in your machines. Many people love winning quality prizes, either licensed by popular animated movie companies or current sporting events. Imagine all the players who would like to win plush toys based on Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon movies and balls licensed by the AFL and NRL! Claw crane machines can leverage off these brands’ massive advertising without having to contribute a cent.
  3. It’s a simple business that basically involves checking, cleaning, restocking, and merchandising the machines. Even your kids can be of assistance when doing maintenance checks!
  4. You can manage your machines efficiently through a smartphone app. Get access to great reports and fully understand the financial results. Find out how you will be making money from day one with a single click of your mobile phone.
  5. You will be spreading fun and entertainment to young and old alike. There’s just a different kind of satisfaction knowing how your machines connect to people — especially seeing determined faces turn to happy ones the moment they catch a prize.

    Anyone can be a part of this coin-operated business opportunity here at Coinopsolutions. A pro-tip for a crane operator is to always be on a lookout for potential locations in your territory, such as IGAs, laundromats, shopping centres, takeaways, and entertainment venues. You will be surprised at how many different profitable locations there are for coin-operated machines in your area.

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